Super Paulin, produced from a proven ‘Swiss Technology’, is a unique ‘Tarpaulin’ that features to be very strong and light in weight at the same time. It is water resistant that can endure scorching sunlight and withstand harsh abrasions. The Film comprises several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented hot-cold lamination technique. As the brands tagline signifies, ‘Superhero of Cross Laminated Tarpaulins’, this film made from cross lamination is extremely strong, flexible and tougher than any other plastic film of comparable weight and thickness. Super Paulin is a special type of tarpaulin.

As Super Paulin, Shivam Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of Cross Laminated Tarpaulins in Nepal. A strong covering canvas, Super Paulin is being widely used for various applications in industries of Packaging (as packing and covering material), Green House tents and tunnels, Agriculture, Horticulture, Civil and Construction. Special manufacturing process provides Super Paulin good tensile strength with strong balanced tear resistance in multi direction. Accidental puncture or tear does not propagate through the Tarpaulin. Additionally, grooves on the fabric helps achieve high elongation and flexibility, thus adaptability to cover odd or ill shaped objects increases. Available as per standard specifications these U.V stabilized tarpaulin find wide application in Pond Lining, Poultry Curtains and Lorry/Truck covers too.

Super Paulin is available in all popular standard formats & sizes, ready to use carpet / sheet & roll form also available for customization. The product comes in different lengths, colours and qualities (GSM – Grams Per Sq. Meter) depending on client specifications. This is a better alternate to HDPE fabrics, Polyethylene sheets and other coverings normally used in similar applications. The criss-cross layers in the film make bonding perfect and practically non-tearable.


    • Light weight, flexible and tough
    • Cross lamination which contributes to strength and durability
    • Very high dart impact strength and tear resistance.
    • Can with-stand abrasions
    • Can sustain in extreme climates
    • Accidental puncture or tear does not propagate through the film
    • 100% waterproof throughout its life
    • Excellent Moisture Barring properties
    • UV stabilized
    • Inert to most chemicals, alkalis, acid fumes
    • Strong Joints
  • Staple / stitch free joints
  • High resistance against crack, peeling and de-lamination
  • Ultrasonically welded super strong plastic eyelets / aluminium eyelets
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Convenient for covering irregular shapes and sizes
  • Super Paulin packing gives an aesthetic look to the product packed
  • Light weight makes it extremely easy to handle, transport and use
  • Thickness variation can only go up to +/- 5%
  • Available in FULL SIZE and multiple colours
  • Swiss Technology


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Civil Engineering and Constructions
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