Polypropylene Woven Fabric:

As manufacturers of Polypropylene Woven Fabric, we are a recognized and an esteemed brand name in Nepal and India. Exporting 70% of our produces to India, we hold wide footprints and have achieved deep penetration in the market of polypropylene. Our product portfolio encompasses Laminated and Non-Laminated Woven fabric rolls and Woven Sacks, deniers from 350 to 1200, that helps catering a broad network of valued clients in the Packaging Industry.

Equipped with well established technology, our facility includes 4 high speed Tapelines and 213 Circular Weaving Looms from Lohia Corporation, the machinery manufacturing pioneers of the Woven Fabric Industry; awarding us with capacity of producing 10000 MT of Polypropylene Woven Fabric annually.

Pursuant to the firm’s philosophy of striving towards continuous improvement and betterment, SPIPL continuously invests in human resource and technology, enabling to serve customers – existing and potential with greater satisfaction, quality service and cost effective packaging solutions.

Deriving strength from our skilled work force, we have placed crucial importance on the welfare and social responsibility of our human resource basket. Along with HR welfare, in contribution to our society, as a responsible entity we have deeply emphasized in deploying machineries effectively consuming lesser electricity and producing 100% recyclable and environmental friendly fabrics, thereby contributing in leaving lesser carbon footprint. In other words, all our investments and production are from perspectives of achieving commendable Customer Social Responsibility.